Sunday, March 24, 2013

If I were a boy

Things I learned from guys that I would so like to be able to do when dating. Now I know these are generalities but bear with me here:
  1. Get in an argument and not obsess over it after
  2. Be on my own schedule
  3. Not sweat the allegedly "small stuff"
  4. Not be bothered with spending money on cute under garments and night gowns
  5. Call you back hours later after telling you I'd call you right back and not care that it would make you mad
  6. Say whatever's on my mind and in the way I want to say it
  7. Wear flat shoes when I go out at night and still feel sexy!
  8. After I eat too much, unzip my pants and sit on the couch and not care
Things I like about being a girl and dating:
  1. Playing dress up
  2. Not always fitting the bill (I will from time to time)
  3. Being looked out for
  4. Sometimes getting my way just by smiling (or wearing the right outfit)
Although my girl list is shorter, I still think I prefer the girl style of dating but I am working on the good things about the boy style of dating to take for myself. Man, what my world would be like if I stopped caring if a guy called me back. Do guys stare at their phones willing their girlfriend to call them like they show women doing in the movies? And if not, how do they just turn it off and not care? Seriously though, how? It's a mystery...

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