Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hairstyles I Wish Would Go Away Never To Return

April 26, 2011

Admittedly this list is short but the fact I have to even post it is enough! I shouldn't still be seeing these hairstyles but atlas they keep rearing their ugly heads! Grr

Gelled Fingerwaves- this was a popular hairstyle in the early to mid 90s (and before then in the 20s but in a much less gelled fashion) but almost twenty years later I am still seeing women rock this do. No, I refuse to believe it is making a comeback until I start seeing Rhianna, Beyonce or MJB sporting it. Till then stop it! Soft waves-yes, hard gelled waves- NO!

Jeri curl- this should never have been popular in the first place. It’s a chemical so it wasn’t healthy for the hair and you got jeri curl juice everywhere (who doesn’t remember the scene in Coming to America). I seriously can’t imagine anyone still rocking this do but the fact that the products are still sold in stores leads me to believe otherwise…

Bowl cuts- an unfortunate cut from the 70s (if you were a child). Unless you are playing the serial killer in No Country for Old Men, I don’t want to see it. I know some models were bringing it back but it’s not cute! R.I.P. darnet!

Braids with beads in them- especially if you are an adult. Knock it off. Let it stay in the 70s and 80s where it was tragically popular. And while you’re at it take bantu knots and those old school Janet Jackson braids with you. I’ve seen too many folks today wearing them. Not cure.
Fade- Why, am i seeing young guys with this hairstyle? Leave it in the 90s where it was acceptable. It’s just not flattering, spread the word! Even Steve Harvey dropped the fade (finally!) I need more time before I see this style again!

Asymmetrical cuts– lets stop this. Having a gorgeous cut on one side and some foolishness on the other side is not attractive. You do realize Pepa of Salt and Pepa who started this trend only did it after getting her hair burned off so it’s not a hair style of choice…

Old man Afro- unless you are a Fredrick Douglas impersonator I am really confused about why you think this is nice looking. And this goes to you too women! Looking like Florida Evans from Goodtimes should not be your goal. Just stop it!

Okay that’s all my blood pressure will allow me to write. Any other hairstyles that should be dropped kicked back to the past?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Make Me Over

April 24, 2011

Every once and awhile I will ostracize the male readers and focus on the girlie side of life. I am a make up gal to the heart. I’ve been wearing make-up since I was 13 and while I didn’t go all cover girl immediately, I’ve learned a thing or two in the time since. So thought I’d share on some of my findings. This way you can avoid my mistakes and save some dough! Each one teach one and all that!

This month's focus: mascara.

If there is only one makeup product I could take with me on a deserted island it would be mascara. It’s an instant eye opener with or without eye shadow and liner. Anytime I see a new mascara advertised I rush to buy it. I think I may have a problem… Here are my takes on few out now


• Cover Girl Lash Fusion- A mascara that volumizes and lengthens?! I’m all over it! And I have to say I like it, I like it alot. I can wear it to work or add a few more coats and go out on the town in it at night.

• Loreal Voluminous Million Lashes – It’s advertised as a mascara that will make your eye lashes thick and pretty. And it does, except with that volume comes flaking and this girl hates a flake! No one wants to step out thinking they are glamorous and then look in the bathroom mirror and find a bunch of black crap under their eyes. For that reason, I can’t recommend this.

• Maybelline Falsies- This is supposed to give your lashes the look of eye popping false lashes without actually having to go through the pain of getting false lashes. And while I think that the claim is exaggerated, this is my all time favorite night time mascara so far. I particularly love the Black Drama version. My eyes instantly pop and the lashes do look glam. I’ve also been complimented with it on. Sold!

• Maybelline Great Lash - This classic always works for me. Great for work or night life. It’s always ranked highly in magazine reader’s polls and sometimes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

• Cover Girl Eyelights- This is supposed to make your eyes look brighter. I don’t know how but it didn’t work for this brown eyed girl. On to the next one!

• Rimmel Max Volume Flash- This brand from London is pretty good. The Cosmo girl that I am loves the one in Black. Brings a pop to the eyes!

• Maybelline Stilettos- if you can’t tell, I’m a Maybelline gal. Of all the drugstore makeup brands this is my favorite. Stilettos is great for night or day and the volumizer one is as good as the Covergirl Fusion.

• Maybelline One by One- Now I’ll praise Maybelline but I’m not a blind follower. I actually don’t like this one. It’s supposed to really coat each lash for volume. But I was underwhelmed by the outcome. I kept putting more and more on for an effect but that was just a sign that this is not the one for me.


• Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara- You thought I hated on department store brands? Nope. I actually love Clinique skin care line (to discuss in another post) and tried this mascara as a free gift. This is a good day to night one as well and doesn’t clump or flake.

• Mascara with glitter(sometimes called diamonds) or color- I don’t like them of any brand. It gets messy and just looks like you have a crumb in your eyelashes. I find it annoying…

If there are any mascara brands you want to share. Be an enabler and fill me in!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

This is a Man's World...When it Comes to Dating

April 22, 2011

I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to relationships it is much easier to find a woman who wants to be in a relationship/marriage than it is to find a man who wants the same. Except in shows like How I Met Your Mother, you rarely find a fairly attractive, successful guy running desperately around the city trying to find the love of his life. However women have had books, plays and TV shows around this notion since at least the time of Jane Austin. I firmly believe that if a guy woke up one morning and decided that he was ready to be in a committed relationship it would not take him as long to encounter Ms. Right (or at least Ms. Seemingly Right) as it would for a woman.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a man thinks it and so shall it be done. Monday if he says “Gee, I’d like to be in a loving relationship” it’s probably not going to happen by the end of the week. Maybe not in a few months but it’ll happen before big time frustration hits him. And he doesn’t have to change who he is, like society suggest women should, to make a relationship happen either. If a guy meets a girl, and he desperately wants to settle down, he will start from first date to do what he has to do to make it a relationship leading to marriage. If a guy wants it, it will come.

For women, the big lottery hope is that if you are a woman bent on being in a relationship, the easiest and best scenario is to meet a guy who is really wanting that too. A woman can cook, keep in shape and do all she needs to “secure” a relationship, but if she’s not with the guy mentioned in the previous paragraph she may have a battle on her hands to reach monogomy. Since most men don't grow up playing pretend wedding the odds are against women that they are going to reach marriage at the time they thought they would and have to "manage expectations".

And since society puts it on the man to make the decision when or if the two get married or become monogamous (via the proposal or the talk about the status of the relationship), we are left with even less control unless we buck tradition but that's a strong hit or miss and for me not perferable, I want the whole on the knees ring please!

Now the reasons for this current state of affairs are many (urbanization, media, Playboy) and can be discussed at another time. But I will say this, we women should not have to bend over backwards in hopes that a guy will choose us if he is not doing the same for us (life is not a full time episode of The Bachelor). Men may hold more power but if they want a quality woman that doesn’t mean they can be lazy either because women still have the power to say no.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Pimp Slap Awards

April 17, 2011

Okay, Type A Cosmo girl does not condone unprovoked violence of any kind (unless it’s to a bug; I have no sympathy for them, since to me they are disease spreading trespassers). However, in comedic theory, if I were the aggressive type who had no fear of incarceration or building bad karma, I believe these people would be well deserving of an old school ,70’s blaxplotation, pimp slap…

1. People who talk too loud on the subway, movie theater, office. Really any public place, especially early in the morning. Why must you talk loud? No one needs to know that someone is kind enough to respond back to the words coming out of your mouth! Raises my hand…

2. People who are aggressive drivers or drive in such a way that makes me look like I am an aggressive driver (because of course I’m not!), especially those who don’t signal before jumping in front of me or jump in front with hardly any space for them causing me to veer off the lane or road. A pimp slap awaits you.

3. Verizon tech support service. Seriously you close after 9 (earlier on Saturdays) and aren’t open on Sundays? What kind of hillbilly foolishness is that? So if my service stops working Saturday after 5pm I’m out of luck until Monday morning? Even Comcast has around the clock service. Everyone over there, stand up in a single file line so it’s easier for me to slap you all.

4. To the woman who has my same name and almost the exact same social security number but horrendously bad credit- you got one coming. It took me several months to clear my credit when the lazy credit reporting companies just assumed you were me (even though the information is not the exact same and there were judgments against you before I was even born).

5. Lazy people. It’s a recession and you act like you don’t have to worry about keeping your job. Trust me; there are a lot of unemployed people out there willing to work hard to get the job done. And a pimp slap wake up call for you!

6. Teenagers.

7. Men who cat-call very inappropriate things especially when I’m on my way to work or with colleagues or on a date. It’s embarrassing. A pimp slap to you good sir!

8. Loud neighbors. I shouldn’t have to feel that I live below a minotaur. If you can’t walk like a regular human and not at obscene hours of the night, then stay on the first floor! Knock, knock, opens door, *pimp slap*

9. People who walk slow in front of you, particularly when you are getting off the subway or trying to get on or up the escalator to catch your train. I actually don’t want to pimp slap these people. I just want to pick them up Incredible Hulk style and toss them aside. Is that wrong?

10. Doctors and Hairdressers who make you wait a long time even though you have an appointment. If I wasn’t civilized and didn’t want to get seen at a particular time I wouldn’t have made an appointment. Otherwise I would have shown up whenever I wanted and headbutted anyone who was in front of me. But nooo, I follow the rules and end up waiting an extra hour to be seen. If only I could enlist the aid of my trusty pimp slap…

Who would be on your pimp slap list?

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Love the Night Life

April 15, 2011

And the day time. So I’m that elusive mix of early bird and night owl (I enjoy naps in the middle of the day, thank you). Especially in the warm weather. I love to get out in the early weekend morning with the cool breeze, bright sun and quiet before the hustle and bustle. The best is going to an outdoor market or for a long walk (well not too long, walked so far once I was contemplating taking a cab back). And in summer evenings I love getting dolled up and hitting the town all Sex and the City like with my pals and sipping girlie drinks and eating light bites in the outdoor section of the restaurant (the bugs have usually gone away so I’m not having to swat them away and ruining my appetite).

So if you’ve read my previous post where does a cosmo girl with a type-A personality like to roll at night in the relatively big city? Well, I can’t do crowds so thick my hair changes textures and I start to sweat (if I wanted a workout I’d have worn my gym clothes). I have to sit, afford the drinks, like the crowd (no disrespect, violence or skankery) and like the music (I have a limit on the amount of Little Wayne and crew that I can hear). The theme for me is bar/lounge not mega club. Here are just some of my stamped with approval spots in no particular order.

Marvins – (U St corridor)- first you have to like a place named after and with a focus on the late great Marvin Gaye. I like the music - on the first floor marvin classics of course, and on the second floor in the outdoor heated rooftop and indoor lounge is 70s-90s R&B and hip-hop (any place that plays Groove Theory gets an A in my book!) The food is yummy (first time trying chicken and waffles with collard greens and it agrees with me, haha!) and the crowd is diverse (age and race) which suits me fine. I’ll go back.

Lounge of Three –(U St. Corridor)- yes, another U street spot, I just like the vibe. The drinks are potent, the bartender is cool (Jeremy’s the best) and on Sundays (my favorite day to go) they have something called Living Room Sundays. You play board games, eat suitable bar grub, rock your body to some rhythms and meet cool folk who like to hang out on a Sunday afternoon.

Science Club (Dupont Circle)– I LOVE the veggie burgers here and the DJ is pretty good (I’ve only been on a Thursday night). In general the mellow vibe is my thing. This is not a dance spot but a fun chill spot for pre-gaming or post gaming.

Millie and Als (Adams Morgan)- generally not a fan of Adams Morgan because parking is a pain and the metro is not really (in my humble heel wearing opinion) in walking distance but on a Thursday I find that this place is just plain fun for karaoke (I sing a mean Love is a Battlefield), the crowd is great, and the drinks are really reasonable. Can’t beat that.

Wonderland Ballroom- (Columbia Heights)- yes this is in a “transitional neighborhood” but I actually like residential areas in the city, not as congested (in theory) but still near all the action. Wonderland is a cool, eclectic spot with all types of folk who want to chill, dance, have a reasonably priced drink and not have to wear heels out (some days I want to really dance but I can’t move like Beyonce in heels so I needs my flats).

More to come in future postings so stay tuned! I’m always searching, so if you have suggestions please do share. Preferably in the DC metro area but I’m always traveling so knowing spots in your neck of the woods is great too!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black Movies You Might Want To Check Out

April 12, 2011

Since lately we can only get a trickling of black movies in between Tyler Perry’s Madea Domination (what happened to the Jumping the Broom advertisements after the Madea’s Big Happy Family ones started to show, what there can’t be two black movies advertised on TV at once?), I thought it only appropriate to highlight under the radar black movies that do not involve a man dressed as a large unattractive smart mouthed black woman and that didn’t get much play or any play in the theaters or BET/TV ONE (sorry Three Can Play That Game won’t be listed). Here are some of my favorites:

1) Love Sex and Eating the Bones: It has Hill Harper in it. Nuff said. Okay, a little more. It’s a romantic comedy which usually isn’t my thing but I gave it a shot this time around and liked it and its original plot line.

2) I’m Through With White Girls  – now the title kind of put me off but I took a chance and I found the movie so adorable. It diffinetly went against the stereotypical roles of blacks in film. The main character is a black comic book nerdish guy who only dated white women because they were what he encountered in his world. Then he meets a black woman (biracial really) from the valley and well, you’ll have to check it out. But I’ve seen it twice and would watch it again. And that’s saying a lot for a girl that hates rom-coms.

3) Cadillac Records - not sure how many folks got to see this movie about the company but I can say I didn’t mind Beyonce’s performance in this as Etta James.

4) Daughters of the Dust-  I remember seeing this movie ions ago as a child. It was on PBS I believe and I thought it was so beautiful and I was fascinated with the Gullah http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gullah people since then. I actually can’t recall what it was about but the images of the island are still with me so if you are into arts cinema, I would recommend.

5) Miracle at St. Anna- A spike Lee joint. He can be hit or miss but if you are into war movies and looking at cute guys (hehe) I’d recommend this one. It actually made me cry.

6) Sparkle - before Dreamgirls there was this 1970s classic and if you are an Envoge fan you will know two of the songs that were originally performed by Aretha Franklin for the soundtrack of this album. "Given him something he can feeel, to let him knoooow this love is reaaal"!
7) Claudine-  this is one of the first non blaxpotation movies of the seventies and stars James Earl Jones and Diahann Carol. Worth a look!

8) Cornbread, Earl and Me  – just to see Lawrence Fishburne as a kid was enough for me, haha. But I really liked when they made good black books into movies. That’s a rarity now (other than Push) and quite sad because there are plenty of quality authors out there who could have great movies made of their books instead of all these recycled stage plays.

9) Colley High - I swear I was not a child of the 70s but they had some entertaining films then. This was even ranked in Entertainment Weekly’s 50 best High school movies (better have beat High School Musical!)

10) Sarafina!-actually saw this in school and it resonated with me. It’s a musical as well and tells the story of a student protest and apartied South Africa.

Then there are some mainstream ones I implore you to see again: Lean on Me, The Wiz, Higher Learning, Mahogany, Lady Sings the Blues, The Best Man, Posse. Got any to recommend to me?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's In A Name?

April 10, 2011

Just finished reading this article I spotted on Yahoo and it got me to thinking- does a name determine your future? We know that there are a lot of cultures that hold special meaning to names because they want their children to be as great as the name they are given.

I’m not convinced that if you are given a certain type of name it will influence the path you take in life. Carlton the Fourth, may sound like a guy who will reach much success on wall street and Shaniqua may sound like your hair stylist from around the way but that doesn’t mean that that is what they are. A guy who is “the fourth” can easily become some loser living in his mama’s basement at the age of 40. And a Shaniqua can become a successful lawyer.

No, I don’t think your name can affect your own personal choices but I do believe it effects what others think of you and that can affect the options that are open to you in the future. For instance I have an older first name and often, to my shock and horror, I find myself receiving newsletters and sign up forms from the AARP. One day soon I’m going to sign up. It’s a recession; I could use the discounts.

Also, my last name is a Jewish last name so I’ve received mailings from Jewish social groups. This was more common when I lived in a large Jewish community so I’m sure it was a combination of the two.

These things are actually harmless and I’m pretty lucky I have a name that’s "ethnically generic". A woman I met shared a story that when she applied for college she did not put in her race. However, when she came to the college she found that they had put in her ethnicity as Latin. This woman was African American; however, she has a first and last name that appears Spanish. It bothered her because she didn’t place in her race because she did not deem it relevant and instead of the school letting her remain undefined, they made a decision based on her name.

I know that if I get a job, no one is assuming my race if they did not interview me prior. As an aspiring writer, I try my darndest to write diverse characters because I don’t want to be pigeon-holed as a writer of color and having a name like mine helps in that goal.

I’m hoping with a unique name like Barack Obama not being a hindrance to his success (although it was much discussed), we can get past any obstacles to help us reach our goals. And one day these names won’t even be worthy of discussion. We give power to our names, not the other way around. And if you don’t believe that, ask Oprah.

Friday, April 8, 2011

We Can Dance If We Want To

It’s Friday, I’m a single, outgoing, self appointed cosmopolitan girl (who is a bit trapped in the suburbs but that’s a tale for another day). I’m not a 21 year old but slightly older (and if anyone who knows me tells just how slightly older prepare to fear for your safety) but still likes to be out and about. And in the age of Diddy dancing, J. Lo’s legs, Halle’s hotness and Brad’s buffness, well getting older isn’t what it used to be.

And with the new “grown and sexy” crowd comes a lifestyle that wasn’t shown in your old 70s and 80s TV shows. You don’t hit a certain age and all of a sudden sport elastic waist band jeans, white tennis and turtle necks (no, you get those when you’re 3! I’m still bitter about this style insult- thanks Dad). I hated turtlenecks then and I hate them now!

Age is a state of mind and hotness comes along with it. It’s not about acting immature or wearing inappropriate clothing to seem youthful; it’s about personifying the best of you and making it look good. If you need a hint on what growing older with grace and sex appeal looks like check out my inspiration Helen Mirrin. If I look that in shape in my 60s then hit me over the head if I start complaining (okay, don't hit me I will sue).

So you’re hot, you’re feeling energetic, what are you doing on a Friday or Saturday night, staying home and watching repeats of Sex and the City? Sometimes, yes but other times you want to get out and live like the gals in Sex and the City! If you’re in bed by 9pm on a Saturday night, one of several things has occurred: illness/injury, depression, a really good movie, a storm, some company. Otherwise you have the right to party. And if you live in a city like Washington DC, nightlife promoters are starting to see the growing need to supply a sophisticated night life to the late twenties through early 40s crowd.

Now it’s a delicate balance. You don’t want a crowd full of scantily dressed gals and baggy pants wearing boys waiting in line in the cold for 30 minutes. The grown and sexy crowd doesn’t like to wait or be surrounded by kiddies. You don’t want a place with no seats unless you pay hundreds of dollars for reservations. This isn’t Vegas and the grown and sexy crowd needs a break in between songs. You also don’t want mash-ups of 70s tunes or line/hand dancing. The grown and sexy crowd isn’t that grown; we don’t want to party with our parents! We want to see and be seen in our trendy frocks, not wait, sit down, drink martinis (or beer), eat a light bite, listen to Tribe Called Quest and Kanye West and dance to 3am (or just 11pm) if we want to! Generation Xers and Yers, this is still your time!

…Now where are these places? Stay tuned…

Thursday, April 7, 2011

There's small then there's this...

Okay, this woman has a 90 square foot apartment. I know she's in New York but they really don't go this small do they? But I realize that when you only spend $700 in rent in Manhattan where rent can be like $3000 that you get what you pay for but just watching this made me nausuas. I think I'd rather do a longer commute where I could afford the space (like I'm doing now) than live where all the fun is but in an affordable closet!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Furlough...What Would You Do?

Second Post of the Day!

So this gal works for the federal government and I am batting off worries of the "impending shutdown" with the hope that things will work out. Not that I wouldn't enjoy a few days off but I'd rather they be paid, I mean I have enough leave. And living in the DC metro area is not cheap (someone lied and told this area that we have hype like New York and therefore should charge accordingly...someone heard wrong). Anywho, I wish I just knew already so I can decide if I can do important things this weekend, like go out with the gals for drinks and brunch with mom or in the alternative, walk everywhere and eat some PB&J. Although I could use the exercise and I likes my sandwiches... but only for a short time.

Body Parts: Chapter Five

comments welcome!

Chapter Five

Baltimore wasn’t much of a lounge or club town. It had a relatively small number of bars of all levels to choose from and people seemed content with that. However, when a new two floor lounge opened in Federal Hill a few months ago called Bite, people actually stood in line the night of the grand opening and every weekend since. People were not just drawn in because of the drinks with clever paranormal references in their names like Bloody Kiss, Faetini or the Full Moon Cosmo. Nor was it the dark and seductive ambiance of deep red almost brown walls, dark wood floors, suedes, satins and leathers. No, people came because of the vampire owner, Gabriel or Gabe as his friends called him.

He opened several variations of the lounge in other cities which competed with, and usually won against, other paranormally owned night life. However, this was new to Baltimore . Although the city ranked in the top five largest paranormal communities in the country, the paranormal residents usually liked to remain inconspicuous. Gabe didn’t mind being noticed.

For all those who hated and feared the paranormal, there were just as many who were curious and even in awe of them. Some who wanted to join what they believed to be the seductive world of the vampire and have everlasting life. Others who wanted to rub elbows in hopes of an interview or photo op for the newspapers or simply even a subject for a thesis paper.

Marley was only in Baltimore for a little over a week and hadn’t had the opportunity to visit Bite. She was hoping that on a Thursday night it wouldn’t be too busy. However, Bite was located in one of the busiest nightlife sections in Baltimore and on a Thursday night at only 9:30 the place was getting busy.

There was no line yet, only a massive looking bouncer dressed in a tight black suit at the front door which was covered by dark red velvet curtains. She hoped she was dressed appropriately in a closed neck blue halter and dark gray zipped leg skinny jeans. She paired it off with peep toed black heels, a black clutch and hair pulled back loosely in a messy ponytail.

Carlos stood beside her in a simple blue button down shirt, jeans, and black loafers. Marley had to admit he looked pretty hot but she would never tell him that.

She stopped him before they walked up to the doorman. “Okay, you’re going to be good, right?”

Carlos crossed his arms and looked at her sideways. “No.”

Marley sighed. “Oh come on, you told Tyson you wouldn’t cause any trouble. How are we going to talk Gabe into joining us if you sit there scowling at him?”

“Tyson should have done this.”

“Tyson and Cassie were unsuccessful and Gabe and I go way back. He’s like family. And he’d be encouraged to join if he knew your alpha trusted you enough to join. Plus you’re my partner and we have to do these things together. He’s harmless really.”

Carlos gave her a disgusted look. “He’s a master vampire and he’s rogue. He’s trouble.”

Marley shook her head and took him by the arm. “Come on McGruff, slap on a smile and do your job. No one said it’d be easy.”

They walked to the bouncer who glared down at them from his over 6 foot 5 frame. “Hi, I’m Marley and this is my guest. Gabe should have my name on your list,” she said sweetly.

He gave her a look of disinterest. “ID,” he stated.

They showed him their driver’s license and he parted the velvet curtains apart.

“Should you tell him we’re here?”

“Tell someone inside,” he said in a deep dull voice.

“Thanks for nothing,” Marley muttered as they stepped into the dimly lit club.

“How can any humans see each other in here?” Carlos complained, looking around.

“I don’t think their supposed to.”

“You think humans and vampires meet up here for ‘donation’ purposes?” he asked, making quotation marks with his fingers.

Marley nodded. “Probably. It’s a safe environment and Gabe has some V.I.P. rooms for that. He also makes sure the humans have their vampire blood donation cards.”

Marley grabbed Carlos by the left wrist and guided him to a bar on her right around a small crowd of people dancing to the blaring house music playing. She waited patiently for the male bartender’s attention. “Is Gabe here? He’s expecting us. My name’s Marley,” she said.

“He’s around here somewhere. Can I get you a drink?” the bartender replied with a blank look.

Marley sighed and shook her head. She turned to Carlos who was busy looking around at the crowd. “I see some wolves in here,” he said.

“Great,” she stated as she took out her cell phone and began to text Gabe her location.

"I also see fairies and other lycans here. He must be making a killing. It’s like neutral ground here. Everyone comes in and doesn’t hide who they are. Just here to have a good time,” he stated, awe in his voice.

“That’s Gabe’s thing. That’s why I don’t get why he would say no to this group,” she said, closing her cell phone. “It’s like he’s broken the high school barrier in the supernatural community.”

Carlos frowned and looked at her. “The what?”

Marley raised her eyebrows and leaned against the glass bar top. “You never heard that before?”

Carlos shook his head. “Enlighten me.”

“All the major groups fall into your typical high school cliques. Vamps are the rich snobs, wolves are the jocks, fairies are the emo types, panthers are your artsy types, witches are the hippies, leopards are the outsiders, lions and tigers and bears; oh my; are the bullies, birds are the goody two shoes, the rats are the thugs, the hunters are the hall monitors or the principals,” she explained matter-of-factly.

Carlos frowned again. “Who has time to think of things like that?”

Marley quickly shook her head. “Hello, don’t you watch OH?”

Carlos sighed in frustration. “What?”

Marley spread out her arms. “Otherwordly High!” she yelled. “It’s the number one show on Fox.”

Carlos scratched his head. “If I don’t need to watch it for work then it doesn’t get seen by me.”

“Tragic,” Marley replied, giving him a sad face.

“It’s just all so different,” Carlos said, straining his neck as he looked around the lounge with burgundy painted walls that held pictures of popular vampires and mahogany floors.

Marley chuckled. “You don’t get out much do you? This club is no big thing in bigger cities like L.A. , New York or Chicago. You should see the night life in Vegas!”

“Yeah, my nightlife is pretty tame. I usually stay in and watch a movie with my girlfriend, Dorothy if I‘m not on the nightshift at work.”

“Her name’s Dorothy? Really?” Marley nodded slowly. “What is she like 70?”

Carlos frowned at her. “Yes. She’s a werewolf too.”

“Figures,” Marley replied, snorting.

“Are you seeing anyone?”
Carlos turned his head from her. “Figures.”

Marley huffed and turned from him. “Ass.”

Carlos grinned and tapped his foot to the beat of the now hip hop music blaring through the speakers. A DJ located in a small booth hanging from the ceiling in the center of the club caught his eye. There were no steps or ladder to get him up there. He probably flew.

“What do you think he is?” he asked.

Marley turned, face annoyed, and looked up to where Carlos was looking. “Well not many beings can fly or jump that high, so some simple deduction might say an older vampire. Or maybe some type of flying lycan like a were bird although those are very, very rare. Fairy maybe. Do some detective work.”

“Well, I can’t pick up his scent from this far down and with this many people around. Just too many scents.”

“Slipping already?” Marley stated as her phone vibrated.

Carlos shrugged. “You could feel free to try or are you just not that skillful?”

Marley glared at him as she grabbed her phone from her pocket. “You know, I don’t like you.”

Carlos grinned. “I can’t help but not care.”

She flipped her phone open to see a text from Gabe stating that he was on the second floor near the pool table. “Come on,” she said.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yes, I Do Exercise

I know, I’m a black woman, who exercises, how did that happen? More importantly why is it that some folk are so surprised or encouraged to hear about it? Now, as you hopefully know by now, I am not a big proponent of stereotyping but the reality in most areas of our fair country is that there are far less black women getting our Jane Fonda on than are.

And it’s not because we are inhumanely healthy or are born with fast metabolisms (that’s a rare diamond deal). We just aren’t doing it. At least not enough.

Now I live in a little area where black women and Latinas are showing up at the gym in full force and most of my instructors happen to be black women. However, outside my little world I know there are far too many of us using the same excuses to avoid the gym.

You don’t want to pay the fee for a gym.

You don’t want to ruin your hair.

You’ve got too much to do.

It’s boring to workout.

Here’s my response:

Don’t pay the fee for a gym, workout at home. In an age of Netflix, Comcast on demand, fit tv, PX whatever, you can do this at home while watching Grey’s Anatomy if you like.

Hair, okay, I’d rather go around with my Rudy Huxtible hair for a few days a week and look toned than have a fabulous do’ supporting my many chins.

Like jello, there is always room for working out. I’ve seen people at the gym on bikes/treadmills/ellipticals, reading school work as they go. Cook for the week on the weekends so you don’t have to rush home to make dinner, workout in the mornings before your day gets away from you. Walk your dog, walk your kids, walk your husbands, just get out there! Where there is a will, there is a way!

As for boring, boo, there are so many types of workouts that there’s something for you. I was able to still workout when I had a broken toe and was in a walking cast for three months (I just did Pilates).

No excuses. Now go out there and prove them wrong. Sistas know how to work it and work out!