Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Song for the Furloughed: Part Two

Le sigh, so I really was hoping I wouldn't have to do a part two to this post because, uh, I don't know, I thought Congress would have gotten itself together by now. Crazy me. So here I go again with some more songs that I believe really speak to my situation (outside of Good Times the verse "temporary layoffs" never rang so true):

Hometown Glory- a lesser known Adele song but it always feels like a song about home (which in my case is the DMV area) regarding the good and the bad of it all.

Scream- Michael and Janet Jackson- because, yes, this whole thing kinda makes me want to scream

Power- Kanye West- I just really thing that Congress has too much power and because they are subject to the same rules as other government workers they make decisions without really being concerned with the outcomes.

Change- by Joy Denalane w/ Lupe Fiasco- this is a lesser known artist but I think this song is spot on. After this event, we have to really start changing the way we vote and hold our politicians accountable.

Just Fine (remix cause I likes old school) by Mary J. Blige- because I think we need to stay positive in all this and know that we will make it through. Knowing that we will be getting back pay helps with keeping spirits up.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Random things that really piss a girl off

I'm pissed and mind you my problem is strictly a girl problem but it's a problem none the less. Which made me decide to do, yes another, list of things that are girl issues that piss us off. Let's start with what led me to write this post:
  1. Hair color not taking- Here you go all excited about making a change and going all Beyoncé or something on your hair. You put the color in imagining you in a dance video shaking your now bright color or mysterious dark color all around. You wash your hair, get a little squinty eyed cause you can't quite see a difference, then blow dry it and...nothing. Not a darn change at tall! This happened to me. I call myself coloring my hair lightest brown and it didn't do a dang nabbit thang. Not a hint of change. How long I gotta wait to try again? *crosses arms angrily*
  2. Working out hard and not losing a thang- All a guy has to do is think about losing weight and he's ten pounds lighter. I have to run a marathon and yet still my weight won't change. I have to eat twigs and berries to lose it all but after running all day who wants that? Grumble grumble.
  3. Rom Coms- Yes romantic comedies are made for women but don't you just get pissed off when you realize at some point in the movie, perhaps the scene where he professes his undying love to her, in the rain or something, that this crap ain't real? What guy talks like that? This script was written by a woman. Then of course this happened in real life. Who was that guy? Where are others like him?
  4. Bloating- So not only do we have to deal with cramps, inconvenient aunt flo and irritability once a month but I have to tear through my closet and find clothes that don't give me a muffin top because I'm retaining so much water I look like I'm pregnant. I'm already trying to lose weight then I have to put on a mui mui to get comfortable! I have been late or missed a good time because I can't close my jeans over my bloated belly. I can't take it!
  5. A good sale but not my size- So you are at a fabulous shoe or clothing sale and you see the item you want. You again are envisioning yourself looking like a star working the red carpet when much to your displeasure you can't find your size. Why is everyone your SIZE!? You try to squeeze into the smaller size or get in the larger size but it's not the same. Bubble bursted.
  6. Making a dish- and then it turns out like crap. I mean I was all set to do my Julia Childs thing and working the kitchen like I'm on the food network. I bite into the dish and...akkk who the heck is going to eat this? My cat ran knocked the bowl over when I tried to feed it to her. Maybe I'll just freeze it and let it get freezer burn. Well guess my dinner gonna turn into popeyes chicken n biscuits!
I got more but let's just leave it here. Gotta go get that popeyes and hair dye!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Songs for the furloughed

So in more tales from a furloughed gal as I have been on my exercise everyday (well at least six times a week) till we get back to work (and then I will still exercise...just not as much) I listen to a lot of music as I go jogging/walking. This lead to me think of some songs that really spoke to me about the situation I found myself in. Here are some from my own music collection that spoke to me. I'm sure there are many ones you can think of but here is something to start ya off:

  • Aloe Blacc- I Need a Dollar- Because if they don't end this foolishness soon I'm sure many of us will be.
  • Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal- Because that's how I feel about our Congress right now.
  • Common- The People- Because despite this all we will make it out and to remind Congress that they need to remember us
  • Jay Z, Rhianna, Kanye West- Run This Town- just feels militant and protesty
  • Fugees- Ready or Not- Because I want to find these Congressman and make them...pay me! darnit
That's just five for now but I have more, stay tuned. But please share your furlough playlist if you have one!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Things you can get on discount for being furloughed

In more Tales From a Furloughed Girl, I woke up this morning early as I normally do to watch the news before going to work (dumb alarm, I didn't cut you off) and before sad realization hit me I caught a segment showing a link to all things discounted for furloughed workers. Also on facebook caught a posting where a fitness center was offering a free workout class to furlough workers  today. This got me thinking, what exactly are they offering to us temporarily laid off due to Congress' hillbilly foolishness. I thought this as I was getting ready to go jogging. But decided to delay that because I'd much rather write this blog. At first I was bothered by the idea of going jogging on a weekday after 8am. Would passerbyers be thinking, okay this girl isn't retired, how does she have time to go jogging at 10am? Is she unemployed? Oh for shame! But then I thought, heck I'm in good company, screw what they think, maybe they'll feel sorry for me because they'll think I'm one of the furloughed, aka the unchosen ones. Which lead my self diagnosed ADD mind back to why I wrote this post in the first place, ah yes, free/discounted stuff for the unchosen ones:

If you live in the DC area like me, there are loads of government workers so imagine all the places getting hit because we are shut down. Gyms located in or near federal buildings, lunch cafes, transportation services...

Here's some stuff I found that are giving us a break for being furloughed (disclaimer some may no longer be in effect so check before going and causing a scene). Yeah,  a lot of this is gimmicy and them trying to make a quick buck but I'll take what I can and if I get cabin fever it's nice to know there are some affordable spots to hit up:

  • M.A.D. Fitness 30 minute free workout from 9-11am today across from Takoma Station  and 10% discount a La Mano Coffee Bar if you attend
  • Mockingbird Hill is offering a free glass of sherry to federal employees who show their ID as long as the shutdown lasts.
  • Pork Barrel BBQ is offering all government employees -- well, except members of Congress -- a free pulled pork sandwich each day of the shutdown. You must have a government ID.
  • Furloughed federal government and D.C. government workers can get a free burger at Z-Burger locations in Arlington, Columbia Heights, Southwest and Tenleytown. The burgers will be offered every day of the shutdown from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. and from 5 until 7 p.m. You must show your government ID.
  • Balance Gym is offering free access to those with valid government IDs during the hours of 1 to 4 p.m. at all three locations
  • Go Ape is offering 50% off to Federal Employees!
  • Nusta Spa is offering 30% off all services to anyone who shows a federal ID from now until the government reopens!
  • Cork Wine Bar: Happy Hour Pricing on Wine -- All Day All Night until the Hill kids start acting like grownups and end this Insanity
  • Wisdom is doing 20% off as well if you show your badge
  • Local a cappella group The Capital Hearings are offering FREE ADMISSION to their concert this Saturday The Capital Hearings: OPENING STATEMENT for furloughed Feds! www.thecapitalhearings.com
  • Sugar Mama's Ice Cream in Fairfax is offering 20% off for furloughed federal workers that show their ID. www.sugarmamasicecram.com
  • Chef Jose Andres is offering free sandwiches for federal workers at his Jaleo restaurants in Chinatown, Crystal City and Bethesda. Andres will also offer sandwiches at his other Chinatown restaurants, Oyamel and Zaytinya.
  • DuPont Circle's Kramerbooks and Afterwords Cafe is extending its happy hour prices ($5 beers, rail drinks and house wines) until closing. Members of Congress pay double
  • The Phillips Collection will open as usual and waive its admission fee for the remainder of the week.
  • Cupcake Blvd. in Anne Arundel County is offering a free cupcake to federal employees that show their ID between 1 and 3 p.m. for the rest of the
  • Fibre Space in Alexandria will offer free knitting classes, which usually cost $75, between 1 and 5 p.m. for furloughed workers with a government employee ID. You can bring your own needles and yarn or purchase them there.
  • South American steakhouse Del Campo is offering happy hour prices for the duration of the shutdown, all day long, with a government ID.
  • Koons in Silver Spring- free oil change, inspection and tire rotation
  • Signature Theater- tickets to see Miss Saigon
  • DC Coast all day happy hour
  • District Commons all day happy hour
  • Urbanas has extended happy hour
  • Flying dog- free brewery tour and tastings (certain day and time)
  • Kangaroo Boxing Club- $3 screw driver
  •  Art and Soul- drink on the house at art and soul
  • Vendetta- free glass of proseco
  • Menchies frozen yogurt- 20% off and unlimited toppings
  • Original Pancake house (in Bethesda) 15% off
  • Zatinya, Jaleo, Oyamel- free sandwich from 3-5
  • there were also tons of free coffee offerings but I don't like coffee so I bypassed them but see links below for info.

    Links I got my info. from with even more shut down offers. Seriously there were so many I got tired so see more here:  http://www.wjla.com/articles/2013/10/government-shutdown-2013-local-businesses-ease-furlough-pain-with-free-stuff-94710.html#ixzz2gZCUr1sW
    http://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Businesses-Offer-Freebies-to-Furloughed-Federal-Workers-225942371.html , www.washingtonpost.com, www.bizjournals.com, www.washingtoncitypaper.com
Okay off to go running...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Things I can and can't do while being furloughed

So I've been furloughed. You folks in Congress, revenge is mine come next voting season. It's on and poppin. Bammas.
So now that I'm forced on unpaid vacation what can I not do that I was planning to do and what can I do (or read: should be doing) with this "free time".

Let's start with the can't:

  1. Can't start buying my new work wardrobe based on what Olivia Pope wears on Scandal- seriously I was going to have my pen and paper ready to write down the outfits she wears and look for affordable versions as I work my wardrobe way to the top. Scratch that!
  2. Celebrate my birthday diva style- had to cancel my plans (cause a sista celebrates her birthday over a few days, that's how I do) because who knows how long this foolishness will last. I get heartburn every time a work hour passes and I think how much money I just lost
  3. Get my gel manicure and deluxe pedi- and a girl NEEDS one (first world problems, I know). My boss suggested I start wearing closed toed shoes. Should I be offended?
  4. Get my color and blowout at the salon- at 100 plus I just can't justify this if I'll be without a job for a long time (let us pray that it doesn't last long). Guess I'll be coloring my hair curtsy of Miss Clairol
  5. No random happy hours after a long workday- since I won't be having any long workdays (in fact we were told if we attempted to work we'd be disciplined) no drinks for me at my U St spots (on the plus, didn't need the calories anyway)
  6. No eating out as much...or at all- There goes my bday brunch plans and dinner plans, le sigh. On the plus I've been aiming to cook more so this will force me to while hopefully allowing me to eat healthier and thus lose weight. PS, some places were giving discounts to gov't workers. I wore my badge to Panera Bread today as a last treat but I got no discount...
  7. Visit my family, they live an hour a way so unless they come in a caravan to see me, I need to reserve my gas. I said my goodbyes today until we meet again. My sister, who is also a gov't worker told me she would not be coming to see me either and gave me an extra hug. Kind of felt like Celey and her sister in The Color Purple.
  8. Take advantage of those many emails I get for discount to Vegas hotels. Oh who am I kidding I wasn't going to anyway.
Things I can do:
  1. Work out...everyday, what else do I have to do.
  2. Work on putting together my self publishing plan...which I'll have to defer since well, I gots to conserve.
  3. Catch up on Dexter and Homeland series which folks were talking about while I can still afford Showtime.
  4. Do my own dang nails and toes so I don't have to wear mittens and closed toed shoes in this 80 degree weather.
  5. Visit free museums with the left over money on my smart card on the metro- oh snap, no I can't museums will be closed. Guess I'll get my cooking on.
  6. Volunteer to places with in walking distance cause a girls got to conserve her gas.
  7. Find a temp job if times get rough in tough like leather. Trying my best not to have to say "welcome to mcdonalds may I help you" or twerk on a pole anywhere as one of my coworkers joked. Seriously, this girl ain't twerky no wheres.
  8. Read! I gots lots o books and am in walking distance from the library where books are free!
  9. Go to free bar trivia nights since I don't have to work the next day, I can hang late. I'll just have a soda and make some friends who'll feel sorry for me.
  10. Continue my improve classes, heck I already paid for them.
In the end, I just have to pray that this forced unpaid vacation will end sooner rather than later. I recognize that I am very blessed and can hold out comfortably longer than a lot of other folks so I won't take that for granted. I'm grumbling about not getting my hair and nails done where others may have real life or death payments that might not be made. For not just my sake but my fellow government works as well, I pray Congress gets its act together and we get back to our business. But revenge, dear Senators and Congressmen, is a dish best served cold and you will get yours, enjoy your jobs while you have them!...Bammas