Monday, May 28, 2012

Get it Right, Get it Tight

So after coming out of a live-in relationship I am dismayed to find that I have gained five pounds. I used to scoff at people who gain weight in relationships. I'd think- how does that happen? What changes in your life to make you just gain weight? People call it the fat and happy syndrome. And somehow I caught it. Again, I am trying to learn from that relationship, particularly how to keep being the best me I can be while still being giving and compromising in a relationship. So what did this girl do to gain weight? Let's see: I didn't workout as much as I used to, I ate heavier meals and later in the day, I drank more and ate out more, I didn't sleep as much. So now I have to figure out how not to fall back into that again. The easiest option is to date someone with healthy eating habits and who works out but the best option is that even if they don't, don't give up your healthy lifestyle or fall for any peer pressure.

With that being said, now I gotta drop this weight in time for my summer beach trip. Running is usually the best way for me but the thought of running makes my heart hurt. And yet I usually feel empowered after I do i. I'd like to be able to run a 5k by the end of the summer. I started today and ran (okay, jog/walked) a little over 3 miles. I started off wrong by going at 9am instead of the 8am I had intended. It was already in the 80s. Midway through I was sure someone was going to have to peel my butt off the sidewalk because jogging mixed with the hot sun baking on your back stealing your life force is not a good mix. I probably should have brought water. But I made it through and then did some weight and toning exercises when I got home with a fruit salad as my breakfast (instead of the waffles I wanted okay, still want). Sadly the scale had not adjusted when I got on it after but this time next week maybe it will! Wish me luck!

I'm Baaaccck!

So yes, I realize I've been gone for way too long. I'll be honest about why, I was in a relationship and dropped the things that were important to me like writing. I won't blame the guy, it was my fault. One thing I learned from coming out of the relationship is that I need to establish time to do the things that make me, well, me! I don't blame the other person. You can't expect someone to force you to keep up the things you liked to do. You make some adjustments and you might do less of certain things but don't give them up. So now I'm back in the writing game. I plan to work on finding an agent for my two finished novels, complete an unfinished novel and work on other creative avenues that come my way and build my writing resume. Time goes way too fast and you just never know if you'll have the chance to get back into the things that make you happy.