Sunday, January 6, 2013

Everything I need to know I learned from reality TV

Okay that's not exactly true but I swear it gives some good inside tips on relationships. I've watched Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball wives, Braxton Family Values, Millionaire Matchmaker, Kardashian shows... and here are the top tips I learned about guys/relationships from the foolishness that I witness:
  • a man who is indifferent to you and unaffected by your emotions is one who really doesn't care and/or is probably on the verge of being over you (Housewives of Atlanta)
  • a man who messes up but is willing to do everything possible to win you back including getting  publicly insulted and changing his whole way of being over a long period of time is one that might be serious about getting back with you (Braxtons)
  • a man that has many women friends is a man you might want to think twice about (Basketball wives)
  • a man who doesn't listen and instead only does what he thinks you would want (but which is really something to please him) is an arrogant jerk (Matchmaker)
  • a man who drinks too much, parties to hard and is an "attention whore", is not ready to settle down (Kardashians)
  • sometimes men don't realize the error of their ways until you kick them to the curb (Housewives, Braxtons)
  • a man who puts up with your foolishness is a good man (Braxtons)
  • a good man will appreciate a woman who is his greatest fan (Kardashians)
  • rushing into marriage can be bad...but it also can be good, the key is to make sure you are going into it for the right reasons (Kardashians)
  • if a man disrespects you in front of others, don't get back or stay with him, he is not protecting your wellbeing (Basketball, Housewives)
  • a man who quizzes you on a first date is, again, arrogant, and not worth your time. He is too focused on what you can do for him instead of what he can do for you; it should be mutual. Asking about past relationships is just too personal for a first date (Matchmaker)

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